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Scott & James - Pigs On The Wing Part 1 & 2

Ok heres something special this is from An Acoustic Earth Day Show Scott & James Did.
It happened April 22, 2005.
They opened their set with "Pigs On the Wing Part 1 - Pink Floyd Cover".
Then they played some other songs and closed the set with
"Pigs On the Wing Part 2 - Pink Floyd Cover".
Anyways I only brought a digital cam with me so I used the digi cam to video the whole thing then I converted it to just audio and took both parts of pigs on the wing and combined them together.

And before any of you fucks start complaining about the quality if your looking for perfect sounding quality get off your lazy cheap ass and buy some high end digital recording devices and start recording some shows then you can bitch and whine.

For everybody else.... Enjoy


Here's a screen-cap from the vid

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