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Finger Eleven is finally coming to Vancouver in May!!!!!

Finger Eleven with Strata & Inward Eye
Monday May 14 at Croation Cultural Centre

Tickets:  $29.50

Fox Rocks Club Members Presale on ticketmaster.ca
Password is paralyzer
The presale wlll run Wednesday March 21 @ 10am until Thursday March 22 at 10pm.

Regular tickets on sale Saturday March 24 ! 10am
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Finally? haha they played in vancouver at the begining of march 2 :)
well only for contest winners...so it wasn't for everyone.

where this show is for everyone.....
Actually not only for contest winners, if you would of printed off the paralyzer upc from the paralyzer myspace page you could of gotten in too..;)
oh well
it doesn't matter.....whats done is done...