Mike Duyn (alkaline_f11) wrote in fingereleven,
Mike Duyn

Finger Eleven Secret Show Toronto Area Part Deux!

The Finger Eleven Canadian tour is close and we are looking for high energy individuals to help spread the love!!

Join 'Pavement' - Help promote - Be loud -and get into a 'VERY' exclusive Finger Eleven show that will be taped for Broadcast early May 2007!

Send an email to alkaline@cogeco.ca to get details on how you can make this happen.

'Pavement' is the Wnd-up Records street team comprised of individuals with an ear to the ground! Find us at selected Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver shows! We'll be there spreading the word!

Visit www.pavementcanada.com and be a part of the Wind-up Records Pavement community!

Finger Eleven tour dates with STRATA!

Apr 26 Quebec City
Apr 28 Montreal
Apr 30 Ottawa
May 1 Toronto
May 7 Winnipeg
May 8 Saskatoon
May 10 Edmonton
May 11 Calgary
May 13 Victoria
May 14 Vancouver
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Huge BOO to the lack of a Windsor show, or even anything remotely close to Detroit.
Do you know if they'll be doing a US tour? Even just the west coast would be nice... or even if they just toured California :)
Yeah they will be doing some US touring this summer, and then back to another full fledged canadian tour coast to coast at the end of summer...