Alice Cullen (casket4mytears) wrote in fingereleven,
Alice Cullen


My computer did a complete crash and died and I lost all of my MP3 files. I've managed to retrieve most of them but the one I cannot find is I Hope Your Heart Runs Empty. Could someone do a Yousendit of it pretty please or host it or something like that? You will have my undying gratitude.

(I don't have AIM so I can't accept offers over AIM)
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if there is anyway you can DL them or anything search for The Neverending White Lights. I found a few DLs thru that. Instead of searching F11.
I already did many times over a three week period on both limewire and kazaa. No luck :(
well poop. i used limewire and found a few =/
I'll put it up for ya later today :)
Hey just let me know once you got it cause I'm not gonna keep it up 4ver, thanks :)