Mike Duyn (alkaline_f11) wrote in fingereleven,
Mike Duyn

Paralyzer Hits Radios This Friday!

The new single "paralyzer" off the soon to be released new album hits radio stations this Friday. It makes it's worldwide debut on 97.7 htz fm this Friday at around 1pm the guys from the band will also be there.
The radio station is in St Catharines, Ontario. Man do I love living here

They will also be stopping by 102.1 the edge in Toronto, Ontario on Friday December 1st at around 3:30pm....
So get your radios out and for you people in the states or anyone else in the world edge 102.1 has a website where they broadcast live. http://www.edge102.com/

And for anyone that misses either interview I'll be taping both and I'll be sure to post a link to them
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best news i've heard today.
You can also listen online this friday at http://www.htzfm.com